Billy Crystal’s Grand Plan Is Falling Into Place; Would Consider Return To Oscars

The Projector
Give it to him. It's his. Michael Caulfield/
Give it to him. It's his. Michael Caulfield/

Billy Crystal sat and watched the Oscars from backstage, thinking, "This is working out perfectly for me." The two young whippersnappers, those two kids who the Academy thought were "hipper" than he was (and what do they know hip? "You look mahhhhvelous," that's hip, kids), they were falling apart out there. They didn't have that old-school That's Entertainment! training that he had, and he knew the audience would love him when he made his "surprise" appearance. If you really pinned him down, he'd have to admit: He was rooting against them. This was his job, and just because he'd lost some hair and put on some pounds, that didn't mean it couldn't be his again. Just you wait.

He is now ready to make his move: Crystal says he'd "consider" a return to hosting the Oscars. The plan is clicking into place nicely.

The eight-time Academy Awards host said he was moved by his warm

reception at last month's ceremony and that "it might be fun" to host

the show again.

"I think the show needs to change," he said. "There's

too many awards and it has to sort of freshen itself up, and if I can

be a part of that, that would be great."

Excellent, Crystal says, tapping his fingers together. My precious ... my precious ...

By the way: Did you realize that Crystal hasn't been in a movie since "Analyze That" in 2002? He took a decade off!

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