It’s Bill Paxton In ‘Aliens,’ Man

The Projector
He's older now, and wears turtlenecks. Amy Graves/
He's older now, and wears turtlenecks. Amy Graves/

To some people, Bill Paxton is always be the polygamist husband of "Big Love." To others, he's alternately the storm chaser in "Twister," the deep sea diver in "Titanic" or even Dale Dixon in "One False Move." But as much as we loved him in "A Simple Plan," he'll probably gone down in history as Private Hudson in "Aliens," directed by James Cameron, his friend for more than 30 years ago.

We could run down our praise of the performance, but actually the late, lamented Cinematical did a nice job of it five years ago.

He starts out as your typical alpha male, a swaggering braggart with more

guts than brains ... but when the mayhem gets underway, Bill Paxton's

Pvt. Hudson becomes a stand-in for you, the viewer. He whines and

blusters and cries and complains as the endless waves of aliens come

storming in; he basically does what you or I would do in the exact same

situation: Misery, denial, plain old panic. But Paxton knew how dangerously close this character

came to being plain old obnoxious, so he brings an eye-rolling,

quick-tempered bravado to the role -- and almost manages to steal the

whole damn movie.

And now, thanks to the magic of Final Cut and YouTube, someone has edited the entire "Aliens" film just down to Paxton's dialogue as Hudson. That's all we really need, now that we think about it. Oh, you want some of this too?

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