Beware of the Spooky Garden Gnomes of ‘The Grims’

The Projector

It's not often that you a studio can show off the trailer for a film they just bought and hasn't even been made yet, though the Coen brothers famously made a fake trailer to sell "Blood Simple," way back in the day. (And of course "District 9" was originally a short.) But Universal helpfully has your back with "The Grims," a film they just purchased about ... well, killer gnomes, we guess?

The gnomes appear to be tinier versions of the Grim Reaper, which is not the worst idea in the world, particularly because they only show up one night a year and kill thousands of people in their homes, causing a worldwide blackout and curfew that night. This would seem to be an inexhaustible concept, considering it's basically a horror movie that's also a end-of-the-world movie; we would watch a love story that led up to Grim Night, with the two star-crossed lovers spending what might be their last night together ... or might not be. Also: Those things really do look scary.

So, good job, new script writers Allen Bey and Brandon Bestenheider. Your Hollywood dreams came true this morning. Those jerks in high school, man, they never knew what you were capable of. Showed them.

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