Benedict Cumberbatch Destroys the Planet in New ‘Star Trek’ Poster

Bryan Enk
Movie Talk

If you still aren't convinced that the dramatic stakes are really, really high in "Star Trek Into Darkness" after all of the explosions, ominous voice overs and images of the Enterprise crashing into San Francisco Bay featured in the clips and trailers, well, wait until you get a look at the new poster.

Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays the film's mysterious yet undoubtedly formidable villain, isn't turning his back to the camera any longer. Now he's glaring head-on at anyone who dares to meet his steely gaze, surrounded by what remains of a desolated London. But it isn't just London and San Francisco that are set to crumble beneath this evildoer's might -- the entire planet is in jeopardy because of this guy, as evidenced by the rather extreme tagline, "Earth Will Fall." This John Harrison fella is apparently a terrorist of global proportions.

Well, hey, if the Earth falls, maybe that will prompt some of the action in "Star Trek Into Darkness" to take place off-planet and in, you know, outer space -- a location that's been noticeably missing from all of the early looks at the new "Trek" film. In trying to make the sequel as, well, dark as possible in telling the tale of James T. Kirk's reckless mission of revenge against a traitorous Federation officer gone rogue, has J.J. Abrams kind of forgotten that the basic spirit of "Star Trek" involves spaceships and space battles and other such space-stuff?

The good news is that we'll soon be able to stop asking these maddening questions and cease with indulging in tortuous speculation. It's ultimately pointless to try to figure out just what exactly is going to happen in a J.J. Abrams movie until that J.J. Abrams movie actually hits theaters -- which, in the case of "Star Trek Into Darkness," is May 17. Mere weeks away, "Trek" fans.