Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, 15 Years and Several Pounds Later, Back Together Again

Will Leitch
The Projector

So Ben Affleck, whom we're starting to think no one will remember was once an actor 20 years from now, is going to direct Matt Damon and Casey Affleck in a biography of Whitey Bulger, the infamous Boston mob kingpin. (Of course it's a Boston movie.) Bulger is the guy Jack Nicholson's character was based on in "The Departed," and he'll be played by Damon. Affleck, who's probably still mad he wasn't in "The Departed," will direct after he finishes "Argo."

Let us, for a moment, play the Let's Track Matt Damon's and Ben Affleck's Careers By Selectively Pointing Out A Movie Each Of Them Made Every Year Since "Good Will Hunting" Came Out In 1997 game. (This is an actual game. You can buy it at toy stores.) It will be illustrative, we hope, to note how winding their careers have been, and how there's a certain symmetry to their reuniting. Let's play, shall we?

Damon: "Good Will Hunting."
Affleck: "Good Will Hunting."
Ahead in career: Tied.

Damon: "Saving Private Ryan."
Affleck: "Armageddon."
Ahead in career: Damon critically, Affleck in popularity.

Damon: "The Talented Mr. Ripley."
Affleck: "Forces of Nature."
Ahead in career: Damon.

Damon: "All the Pretty Horses.
Affleck: "Reindeer Games."
Ahead in career: Damon.

Damon: "Ocean's 11."
Affleck: "Pearl Harbor."
Ahead in career: Damon.

Damon: "The Bourne Identity."
Affleck: "The Sum of All Fears."
Ahead in career: Damon.

Damon: "Stuck On You."
Affleck: "Gigli."
Ahead in career: Damon.

Damon: "The Bourne Supremacy."
Affleck: "Surviving Christmas."
Ahead in career: Damon.

Damon: "Syriana.
Affleck: No movies.
Ahead in career: Damon.

Damon: "The Departed."
Affleck: "Man About Town." (direct to DVD)
Ahead in career: Damon.

Damon: "The Bourne Ultimatum."
Affleck: No movies.
Ahead in career: Damon.

Damon: "Che, Part Two."
Affleck: No movies.
Ahead in career: Tied.

Damon: "The Informant."
Affleck: "He's Just Not That Into You."
Ahead in career: Damon.

Damon: "Hereafter."
Affleck: "The Town."
Ahead in career: Affleck

Damon: "The Adjustment Bureau."
Affleck: No movies.
Ahead in career: Affleck.

Damon: No movies.
Affleck: "Untitled Terrence Malick Project."
Ahead in career: Affleck.

In other words ... don't throw the guy a bone now, Ben! You're finally winning!

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