Ben Affleck joins Instagram on Oscar night

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On Ben Affleck's to-do list last night: win an Oscar for Best Picture. Check. Deliver humble acceptance speech with a special shout-out to the missus, Jennifer Garner. Check. Launch Instagram account. Check.

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Affleck was an early adapter to Twitter by Hollywood standards, joining the social network in June 2012. (Of all the A-list nominees last night, only four actually have Twitter accounts -- movie stars have not taken to social media like TV actors or musical artists.) Now, he's also sharing on Instagram, posting five photos Sunday night and attracting 5,814 followers in the process.

Of course, he's got quite a ways to go before he reaches Justin Bieber (6.9 million followers) or Rihanna (5.4 million followers) status. But maybe some other Instagram newbies could give Ben a few tips on creating a compelling photo-sharing account.

Madonna joined Instagram a couple of weeks ago. Whereas Ben’s somber snapshots feature the “Argo” director in a tux and soberly celebrating his Oscars win, the Material Girl’s posted a variety of selfies featuring her cleavage, butt cheeks and new brunette 'do. Of course, Madonna may have overdone it since Instagram threatened to shutter her account over violating their terms of service. But the revealing slice of life photos have also garnered her 170,000 followers in less than a month.

And then there’s Justin Timberlake. The singer launched his Instagram account in time for Grammys this year and has been updating regularly ever since. J.T.’s artsy mix of black and white shots from backstage, on the road and in front of the mike have netted him 324,000 followers. Some might argue the beautifully posed photos don’t remotely adhere to social media’s candid nature but whoever’s been snapping Ben’s pix might want to take some photo-framing lessons. Nobody wants to see the back of his head. And for goodness sakes, put a filter on it that doesn’t wash out the Oscars winner.