‘Bellflower’ filmmakers turn to crowdfunding for ‘Chuck Hank and the San Diego Twins’

Danny Bowes
Movie Talk

The filmmakers behind 2011's indie cult hit "Bellflower" are turning to crowd-funding to help complete their new film "Chuck Hank and the San Diego Twins." Calling the new project "influenced heavily by 80s action films and side-scrolling video games," Coatwolf Productions have produced a short video outlining exactly what they need the additional funding for.

Writer-director Evan Glodell's followup to "Bellflower" promises more of hallucinatory, whacked out violence in the earlier film but even more outlandish, stylized. And that costs money. The crowd source funding of "Chuck Hank and the San Diego Twins" looks to pay for some special effects scenes where, among other things, insane motorcycle stunts, Camaros driven off piers, Molotov cocktails and people catching fire when punched. For anyone who remembers the homemade flame-throwers from "Bellflower," you know that Glodell and company are (at least somewhat) serious about this.

The film's plot synopsis-a seeming distillation of every good-bad 80s action movie ever made-clarifies that the "San Diego twins" from Oldtown, where crime runs rampant. They team up with their comrade Chuck Hank to rescue the twins' sister from "The Syndicate" by whatever means necessary.

The preview/fundraising plea can be seen at coatwolf.com.