Baseball Movies All-Time All-Star Roster

Adam Pockross
Movie Talk

In honor of "42," the inspirational new biopic about Hall of Fame baseball player and pioneering civil rights leader Jackie Robinson, we present our selections for the definitive Baseball Movie All-Time All-Star Roster.

This was no easy task. There's been a ton of baseball flicks produced, dating all the way back to Thomas Edison's 1898 film "The Ball Game." Yet somehow we've managed to sort through them all and assemble a position by position lineup of the most big-time ballers to ever hit the big screen.

Alas, while our roster may be in Robinson's honor, it doesn't feature the legend himself -- not as Chadwick Boseman portrays him in "42," and not as Robinson played himself in "The Jackie Robinson Story" (1950). It's not because we don't love Robinson -- no sports figure has ever done so much for the greater good. But on the diamond, real ball players far outshine even the best fictional ones. We're not a sports site; we're not in the stat comparison business, which is what the project becomes when you factor in actual players.

Since none of our favorite fictional characters would have made the cut, we amended the rules.  Cause if you can't have Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez on your fantasy fantasy team, what's the point of dreaming these things up?

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