Aubrey Plaza Wants Onscreen Hubby Chris Pratt ‘Big and Round Again’

Lilian Min
Movie Talk

"Parks and Recreation" co-stars and onscreen marrieds Aubrey Plaza and Chris Pratt are all about the funny. But nowadays, Pratt is all about the abs! And Plaza has some strong opinions about them.

"I like him big. I like him big, and I like him round," she told Yahoo! Movies of her small screen hubby.

Pratt, the hilarious star-turned-hard body, recently Instagrammed and tweeted an eye-popping pic of his new physique, which he whipped into shape for the 2014 Marvel action flick "Guardians of the Galaxy."

"He's now kind of this rock-hard creature, which I think is great for him, and I think it's great for the movie and I'm excited about it," Plaza said during an interview at San Diego's Comic-Con. She's there promoting her upcoming raunchy comedy "The To Do List," in which she plays a sexual novice with big eyes for a hunky local lifeguard.

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But in real life, Plaza apparently prefers her men with more meat on their bones — at least when it comes to Pratt. The 29-year-old actress — who dishes deadpan one-liners on "Parks and Rec" as April Ludgate — wishes her onscreen hubby would get, well, squishy again. "I'm excited to see the movie, but I've gotta say I'm really more excited for when the movie's over and he starts to get big and round again, and I can roll him around on the ground and just get in there. I like something to grab on to, but that's just me," she said.

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Alas, Plaza might have to wait a while for Pratt to soften up — filming on "Guardians" has just begun. That said, the new season of "Parks and Rec" wouldn't be the same with a suddenly hunky Andy Dwyer, which means that Pratt's going to have to turn his body around again relatively soon.

Plaza and Pratt's April and Andy have one of the most so-cute-it-hurts relationships on TV, and while most of that's due to the easygoing rapport between the two actors, it's also due to Andy's protective, gentle bear appearance.

So no worries, Aubrey — once Pratt exits Marvel-verse (at least this time around), he should be back to his grabbable self.

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