Anne Hathaway Reunites with Christopher Nolan For ‘Interstellar’

Bryan Enk
Movie Talk

Steven Spielberg's screen adaptation of "Robopocalypse" may be postponed indefinitely, but that's not going to stop Anne Hathaway from starring in a big-budget sci-fi movie (and one that involves Spielberg).

The "Les Miserables" star will be giving her singing voice a break (or will she?) as she signs on to play the female lead in director Christopher Nolan's latest secret project, "Interstellar." She joins Matthew McConaughey, whose long-rumored involvement was confirmed last week.

Nolan has been developing his new film under his usual cone of silence, working closely with his brother and frequent creative collaborator Jonathan Nolan, with whom he's writing the script, and producer Spielberg, who was once attached to direct the story inspired by physicist Kip Thorne's theories of wormholes, time travel and other cool science stuff. It's unknown whether McConaughey's character is based at all on Thorne himself.

"Interstellar" marks Hathaway's second collaboration with Nolan, following last summer's blockbuster and trilogy-closer, "The Dark Knight Rises." Nolan is known for playing favorites and recycling his cast members, most notably when seemingly half the ensemble of his 2010 mind-bender, "Inception," was recruited for his final Batman film, including Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard and returning Bat-stars Michael Caine and Cillian Murphy.

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Details of Hathaway's character in "Interstellar" are of course being kept under wraps, though it's probably safe to assume that she's going to be some sort of love interest for McConaughey. Or maybe she's playing the Queen of the Wormhole, for all we know.

Hathaway was attached to Spielberg's "Robopocalypse," though it's unknown whether that remains the case now that the project has been shelved for extensive rewrites. She's been circling several projects as possible follow-ups to her Oscar-winning turn in "Les Miserables," including another music-themed drama, "Song One."

"Interstellar" will commence production this summer with a look toward a release date of November 7, 2014.

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