Angelina Jolie’s Serious War Movie Is No Longer in English

The Projector

It always seemed strange that Angelina Jolie, while filming her directorial debut "In the Land of Blood and Honey," had her actors perform each scene twice, once in English, once in their native language of Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian. (Which is the actual name of the language.) Obviously, having the film in English helps the box office, but how odd it must have been to film the same scenes in so many ways, and then do the same thing again in broken English. Jolie obviously never liked filming the English sections, and now, no one will ever see them.

FilmDistrict announced yesterday that the film will only come out in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, with subtitles of course, and that the English version will stay on the cutting room floor. Hopefully someday they'll come out with a DVD cut of that film, because one can't help but think that the English was pretty poor. In fact, it wouldn't surprise us if Jolie spent less time on the English-speaking cut, in the hopes that his very thing would happen.

Don't get excited, though; the film won't be eligible for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar or anything. Early reviews of the film have been excellent. Jolie isn't in the film, which is probably good, because you don't exactly want the characters involved in the brutal, tragic Bosnian War to look over and say, "Hey, look, Angelina Jolie!"

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