Alexa Vega’s racy new role

Claudine Zap
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The child star is all grown up. Alexa Vega has gone from the cute character in "Spy Kids" to a racy role in Robert Rodriguez's new film "Machete Kills."

The stunner tweeted a picture from the set in which she's dressed as her character, Killjoy. The black-and-white photo shows the star in a cleavage-baring metal bra, heavy eye makeup, and chunky jewelry. A tattoo of a heart appears on her underarm. The star does have an actual tattoo of a cross on the bottom of her foot, which can be seen occasionally in scenes of "Repo: The Genetic Opera."

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Comments on the Twitter photo were enthusiastic for the star's new look. Posts like this one from nikcamcyn were typical: "Looking forward to seeing the movie! You are stunning!" Another, chrisyoose, added, "This what the 'Spy Kids' girl looks like now?" kr00k3d agreed, "Damn lil Carmen all grown up!" Vega herself tweeted, "That bra top has so much detail. The outfits in this movie are insane. I think you guys are going to like it!"

"Machete Kills" is the second of the "Machete" trilogy, a spinoff of a fake movie trailer Rodriguez created for the Quentin Tarantino film "Grindhouse." The star-studded cast also includes Jessica Alba, Amber Heard, and Vanessa Hudgens. Vega plays an assassin who works for Sofia Vergara's character, Madame Desdemona.

Killjoy is a departure from her previous roles, including Carmen Cortez in the "Spy Kids" franchise. Vega gained worldwide acclaim in "Spy Kids," also directed by Rodriguez.

The director and actor clearly have a long connection as this is their fifth movie together. Vega had been slated to appear in Rodriguez's movie "Shorts," but had a scheduling conflict for her movie "Broken Hill," filming in Australia. She was replaced by Kat Dennings.

Rodriguez also played an important role in the Florida native's life, walking Vega down the aisle at her wedding to film producer Sean Covel in 2010.

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The 23-year-old actress recently filed for divorce from her 36-year-old husband, TMZ reported. Vega herself confirmed on Twitter, "My relationship with Sean was deeply important and formative for both of us. It simply evolved out of a marriage and into a friendship."

The star seems to have evolved herself, into a fierce new role.

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