Afternoon Links: Wonder What ‘The Muppets’ Is About? The New Trailer Explains

Tim Grierson
The Projector

We're still excited about "The Muppets," but we are suffering from trailer fatigue with this movie. (Although we do love their "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" parody.) Now comes a traditional trailer that goes into a lot of plot explanation, which means that, sorry, we now know that there's going to be an "F--- You" send-up. With chickens. [Yahoo! Movies]

Woody Allen has decided to change the name of his forthcoming Rome-set film "The Bop Decameron" to "Nero Fiddled." The reason? "Allen got tired of all the blank stares he received when telling people the title of his film, and found something that better conveys the locale." Now most people will just assume it's a sequel to "Finding Nemo." [Deadline]

Twitch critic Dave Canfield was sent a DVD copy of "The People Vs. George Lucas," which he was really excited to review. Just one thing, though: He's annoyed that the producers never paid his buddy for the artwork and poster he made for the film. So instead of reviewing the movie, Canfield decided to let the producers know how honked off he is in the form of an open letter. Who says critics don't serve a public good? [Twitch]