Afternoon Links: ‘Rosa’ Makes the Post-Apocalypse Look Stylish, Kinda Depressing

Tim Grierson
The Projector

"Rosa" is a nine-minute animated film from Barcelona comic book artist Jesus Orellana that's apparently garnering some buzz around Hollywood. It's an extremely stylish -- and a bit bloody -- sci-fi short about a cyborg who wakes up in a post-apocalyptic world. Recommended to fans of "The Matrix," "Aeon Flux," slow-motion, butterflies, and characters that don't speak. [Heat Vision/The Hollywood Reporter]

We like how MTV's Next Movie does "Rapper Reviews," where they get hip-hoppers to critique recent films. This week, Immortal Technique gives us the lowdown on "Immortals." (Get it?) Like us, he's a Kubrick guy. And, no disrespect, George Lucas, but Immortal Technique hates the prequels. Oh, and Freida Pinto is hot. [MTV Movies Blog]

You can say as many nasty things as you want about "Atlas Shrugged: Part I" -- and critics sure did -- but don't you dare describe the book it's based on as a "timeless novel of courage and self-sacrifice." Unfortunately, someone writing the DVD ad copy did, and now the DVDs have to be recalled to change it to "timeless novel of rational self-interest." Ayn Rand didn't believe in self-sacrifice, you see. But apparently she was fine with her book's DVD cover art making it seem like Charlize Theron is in the film. [Badass Digest via /film]