Afternoon Links: George Clooney Would Like to Talk to You About Farting

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"Descendants" star (and former Projector employer) George Clooney is known for his outspoken political beliefs, his charm, and his creative ambitions. But the dude's also got a sense of humor like a 12-year-old. In a new interview he discusses how funny he thinks farting is and why the word "Johnson" makes him laugh each and every time. We wish all Oscar campaigning was like this. [Rolling Stone via The Wrap]

"In Bruges" was a smart, funny, surprisingly moving crime drama/comedy, so we've been anxious to see what writer-director Martin McDonagh would do next. It'll be "Seven Psychopaths," which just added Woody Harrelson, Olga Kurylenko ... and Tom Waits! Considering how little acting Waits does these days, this is something of a big deal. Plus, the guy's still got some mighty fine moves. [Deadline]

Poor Don Cheadle: The actor has worked and worked to get his Miles Davis movie off the ground, to no avail. Now comes word that another biopic about the famed trumpeter is on its way that will be directed by "Notorious" filmmaker George Tillman, Jr. If you see Cheadle, be nice to him: He's probably having a rough day. [Risky Business/The Hollywood Reporter]

Are you tired of Leonardo DiCaprio playing real people in his movies? Tough: He's got nothing but biopics in his future. Sure, these won't all get made, but, man, the guy really loves true stories. [MTV Movies Blog]

"Looper" is the forthcoming film from "Brick" writer-director Rian Johnson, and a few critics have seen early test screenings of the sci-fi/time-travel flick starring Bruce Willis. They were very, very happy with what they saw, which in turns makes us very, very happy. [/film]