Afternoon Links: Dane Cook Is Very Mopey in ‘Answers to Nothing’ Trailer

The Projector

If you were to ask us, "Hey, what sort of plot description would you make you the sleepiest?," we'd probably respond, "Against the backdrop of a missing girl case, lost souls throughout Los Angeles search for meaning and redemption and affect each other in ways they don't always see." Sadly, that is the description for "Answers to Nothing," which could also be described as "'Crash' meets Dane Cook in serious mode." [Yahoo! Movies]

One of the fun games around any new James Bond movie is finding out the title, making fun of it, and then trying to decipher what it means. Nothing's set in stone yet for "James Bond 23," but there's a chance it could be called "Skyfall." If that's the case, we really hope it has nothing to do with this. [What Culture! via Collider]

Fox Searchlight has decided to Oscar campaign for Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain in supporting categories for "The Tree of Life." That makes sense for Chastain, but it will pit Pitt against other characters in the film like Friendly Dinosaur, Amorphous Interstellar Blob, Bummed-Out Sean Penn, and Door Frame Out In The Middle Of Nowhere. [Inside Movies/Entertainment Weekly]