Afternoon Links: Anne Hathaway Is Heading to ‘Les Miserables’

Tim Grierson
The Projector
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Anne Hathaway is by this point probably tired of having to defend her Catwoman costume in "The Dark Knight Rises." So she's no doubt thrilled to have her name in the news for something else: She finally confirmed she'll be in the "Les Miserables" musical film with Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe. She'll play Fantine, which is great because it's not a beloved character who folks have very strong opinions about. Oh, wait... [Deadline]

James Cameron is teasing us with the possibility that "Avatar 2" will take the action to other planets, as well as Pandora's oceans. We just hope it's not too late for him to work in some thinly-veiled Occupy Wall Street commentary while he's at it. [IFC News]

"Tower Heist" is a big enough motion picture event that Universal has just unveiled individual character posters of the "Casey Affleck is the lookout" variety. Unfortunately, they do nothing to answer the heist-comedy's biggest mystery: What the hell is up with the adorable dog? (Apparently, it's got something to do with Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy's characters.) [Collider]