Aaron Rodgers gifted superstar call when McClellin hits him slightly late

Eric Edholm
Shutdown Corner

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers had nowhere to run or hide on third and 5 from the Chicago Bears' 28-yard line when he ducked and took a sack from linebacker Lance Briggs.

A split second later, Shea McClellin came storming in and hit Rodgers.

The entire state of Wisconsin wanted to behead McClellin for almost knocking their quarterback out again. The entire state of Illinois wanted to draw and quarter the referees for calling a late hit.

McClellin, you might remember, was the chap who knocked Rodgers out for the past seven games entering Sunday's battle royale for the NFC North crown. So it's not stunning in the protect-the-star-quarterback NFL, a call for unnecessary roughness against McClellin was made.

Rodgers got up and didn't appear too happy. He appeared to say something in McClellin's direction after the hit.

The Packers couldn't really take advantage, though, losing four yards on an Eddie Lacy run, then Rodgers overthrew Jordy Nelson in the end zone. They had to settle for a field goal to cut the lead to 7-3, Bears.

That call might not have been too good. But the referees actually appeared to get it right the next time the Packers had the ball — on perhaps the oddest play of the season. Rodgers was sacked by Julius Peppers and fumbled, and the ball trickled to Jarrett Boykin ... who was instructed to run to the end zone by Rodgers when the refs swallowed their whistles. It was replayed and held up as a score.

One bad call and one good? Looks that way.