9 Reasons Why 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Deserved Its Golden Globes Win

Robert Chan
Yahoo Movies

Fox's "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" beat some stiff competition to take home the Golden Globe for Best Comedy. It was a huge upset win for the freshman comedy and indeed, the Internet was upset.

A lot of the show's hate centers around its star, Andy Samberg (who won in the Best Actor, Television Comedy or Musical category for his role as Jake Peralta on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"). If you find him charming, the show is a light and fluffy workplace comedy; if you find him smarmy, the show is a bunch of over-the-top slapstick and endless shots of Samberg's smirk.

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Whether you're a Samberg fan or hater, there's still plenty of reasons to love the show. Here, then, are nine reasons to love the "Nine-Nine."

1. Because Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) knows how to break out of a slump at work.

2. Because Terry (Terry Crews) looks like a beast, but if you look closely at his desk, you'll find a note that reads: "There's always time for one more hug..."

3. Because they're not afraid to get a little "weird weird weird!"

4. Because nothing's better than '70s Andre Braugher.

5. Because if you try to get Rosa to smile, you only make things worse.

6. Because Chelsea Peretti and Melissa Fumero recreate adorable pictures of dogs.

7. Because Patton Oswalt is the king of guest stars.

8. Because if you ask Crews nicely, he will do the robot for you.

9. Because the best way to deal with coffee burns is with cold milk.

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