7 Buzziest Moments From the ‘Thor’ Red Carpet

Movie TalkNovember 5, 2013

Chris Hemsworth showed up on Monday night — sans hammer — with the rest of the crew from "Thor: The Dark World" for the movie's Los Angeles premiere.

Here's what surprised us to learn:

1. It Took Lots of Cans of Tuna.

According to Thor's co-star, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Hemsworth ate five cans of tuna a day as he was bulking up for his first turn as the hammer-wielding god of thunder. "Including the cans!" the Oscar winner joked. Indeed, Hemsworth told Yahoo Movies on Monday that the regimen for "Thor" this time around involved "eating tons of protein."

2. Two Hemsworths Are Better Than One.

Liam is the best brother ever! He not only supported his bro Chris on the red carpet of "Rush" two months ago, but he came back for his turn in "Thor." Let us bask in the duel superiority of these Australian siblings. You see, the power of their piercing blue eyes combined is enough to bring Loki to his knees!

3. Hiddleston Wants to Dance Dance Dance!

Speaking of Loki, we learned the man who plays him is a classically trained dancer! "I'd love to dance in a film," he told Yahoo on Monday, telling us he studied dance while in drama school.

4. Babies are Awesome.
Yup, Chris Hemsworth is a proud dad. He told us that he's more relaxed while working nowadays because he has a little one at home. "I have something at home that is the most important thing," he said of his baby daughter India Rose.

5. 'Thor' Keeps Going and Going and Going.

Aside from the likely sequel to "Dark World," the forthcoming "Thor" film will come back to us sooner than you can blink. Clark Gregg, who plays Agent Coulson in multiple Marvel projects, told Yahoo that he is Marvel's "connective tissue." And he's keeping that connection alive by extending the storyline of "Thor: The Dark World" into an upcoming episode of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," titled "The Well" on Nov. 19.

6. Is That a Dress or Dental Floss?

Jaime Alexander, we don't quite understand what you meant when you told us, "It's surprising how well dental floss can keep you warm." You see, Alexander was referencing her torso-revealing, black Azzaro gown — but we didn't think it looked anything like dental floss. We just thought it looked amazing!

7. Anthony Hopkins Is Old.

The English knight-slash-actor made no bones about it. He's much older than his "Thor" cast mates. "I'm old enough to be their granddad," he told us. "It's great to be in this movie with all these young kids."