7 Awesome David Arquette Hair Moments

Erin Kim
Movie Talk

We noticed David Arquette's recent hairdo change and wondered aloud, "What's up with that?" Managing to capture that moment when the 41-year-old actor shared a photo of his new bleached 'do, we later looked on as he suddenly deleted his Twitter account following reports of a party binge.

Somewhere between Arquette's photo posting and his sudden social media disappearance, Yahoo! Movies got the "Scream" actor on the horn to discuss his newly-bleached locks.

Arquette told us he lightened his hair for a role in the upcoming film, "Casual Encounters," starring Taran Killam ("The Heat," "Saturday Night Live"), David Krumholtz ("Numb3rs," "Superbad"), and Brooklyn Decker ("Battleship," "Just Go With It"). "It's an R-rated comedy based in the world of online dating," he said. "I play Louis, a love guru, and my hair style was inspired by Brace from the Showtime reality show, 'Gigolos.'"

This isn't the first time Arquette's hair has caught our attention. From his shaved head in "The Tripper" to his oh-so-'90s lazy bangs in "Never Been Kissed," David Arquette's hair continues to spur our imagination.

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7. 'The Cottage'
Last year, Arquette played Robert Mars in "The Cottage." He arrived to the film premiere looking fresh, and not outstandingly bizarre, but his fertile head and face of hair stood out, making him look handsomely middle-aged.

6. 'Conception'
Arquette worked a classic nerdy look in this 2011 flick. With the sides shaved and hair swept to the side, he looks retro-refined.

5. 'A Foreign Affair'
Almost a decade ago, Arquette appeared at the premiere for "A Foreign Affair" in sunglasses tinted the color of a construction worker's jacket. We will admit, there have been better days for this man. Note the scraggly bangs.

4. 'See Spot Run'
Not quite as severe as his current look, Arquette rocked a light-colored do, too, in this 2001 flick.

3. 'Never Been Kissed'
At the eve of the 21st century, Arquette appeared smitten alongside a 19-year-old Drew Barrymore in "Never Been Kissed." He looks as endearing as a puppy with his flat, long bangs.

2. 'Scream 2'
A few years before his bangs-bearing breakout role in "Never Been Kissed," Arquette got spiky with it.

1. 'The Tripper'
In his most exciting hair move to date, Arquette literally shaved a movie billboard into the back of his head. Mad props to him for keeping it real — or at least really fun.