6-Minute ‘Iron Man 2′ Supercut Points Out Everything Wrong With Tony Stark’s Second Adventure

Bryan Enk
Movie Talk

Well, everything wrong if you think that "Iron Man 2" takes place in, you know, our boring reality.

"Iron Man 2" wasn't the best movie in the world. Like another sci-fi action sequel about advanced technology, "RoboCop 2," it was rushed into production with a half-finished script that had enough separate plotlines for six movies and didn't completely follow through on any of them. It also made for something of an anomaly in Marvel's rollout schedule in leading up to "The Avengers": why exactly did Tony Stark get a second movie before Thor and Captain America got their first?

It's a flawed film on many levels (though, of course, an enjoyable one as well), and it's only taken the harsh critics and mashup maestros at CinemaSins three years (almost to the day) to point out everything wrong with it. As usual, the CinemaSins gang show off their uncanny ability to spot even the slightest continuity mistakes -- an impressive feat that makes up for their seemingly complete lack of understanding when it comes to, you know, "movie things" like dramatic structure and building tension.

Yeah, we all noticed that Mickey Rourke looks older than the actor who plays his dying dad. But we doubt any of us noticed that the C-Span YouTube video misspelled the word 'Capitol' (as 'Capital'), or that a video with almost 2 million views would never have only 10 ratings. We also didn't notice that after Stark's big Expo speech in the beginning of the film, he's suddenly wearing a completely different set of clothes backstage. And yeah ... just what in the heck is up with that guy who seems to literally just walk right into Scarlett Johansson's fist?

However, CinemaSins tends to favor logic over drama, and some of the "mistakes" they point out can be defended simply with "Because it's a movie." Note this bit of paraphrased dialogue:

Rhodey: My suit is target-locked!
Stark: On what?
Rhodey: On YOU!

Yes, your average human being would just say "My suit is target-locked on you." But James 'Rhodey' Rhodes, aka War Machine, isn't your average human being. And if he simply stated the obvious, we wouldn't have that bit of dark humor, or the dramatic beat it creates that gives us a mini-break from all the rock 'em, sock 'em action. It's a movie thing.

The same goes for why the drones don't just fire their missiles immediately upon landing -- their seconds-long pause as Stark and Rhodey evaluate the situation builds, you know, tension. As does the fact that all self-destruct mechanisms seem to have at least a 30-second delay -- where's the fun if you don't have that maddening countdown as everyone scrambles to get to safety?

Anyway, the CinemaSins videos are usually a lot of fun, if not always "right." See you in three years when they finally get around to poking and prodding "Iron Man 3."

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