6 Clubs in 2 Days: Eric Church Gives Exclusive Glimpse at Crazy 'Outsiders' Release Week

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Exclusive: Eric Church's Flight Tour
Eric Church gives fans a glimpse of his whirlwind life on tour, playing club after club

When Eric Church sang his single "Give Me Back My Hometown" last month, we're sure he meant it in a literal fashion. The country star took on an ambitious promotional feat for the February 11 release of fourth album "The Outsiders" -- playing six clubs in six cities in a mere two days, with the shows ranging as far north as Indianapolis all the way south to Atlanta.

So, what's it like to cram all that music, travel, and fan adoration into just 48 hours? Church offers Yahoo Music this exclusive clip which gives a virtual impression of the whirlwind trek he took. This is clearly a performer who isn't concerned with the ordinary way of doing things -- in short, they don't slap the "outlaw" tag on this original singer for nothin'!

We think Church certainly earned his own bed in his own town after all that infectious energy last month, but the singer isn't slowing down yet. In fact, he spent the end of February and this month to date playing overseas in Europe. If you'd like to keep up with his schedule, visit here.