The 5 Surprises You Probably Missed From Comic Con

Richard Rushfield
Features Editor
Movie Talk

So much nerd news came out of Comic Con that it was hard to keep up. But beneath the giant headline grabbing announcements, there were a lot of pretty jaw droopingly amazing things said that slipped through the cracks.

Here are seven of our favorite things we learned from Comic-Con 2013.

1. Sandra Bullock has space on her speed dial.
While researching her upcoming film "Gravity" in which she co-stars with George Clooney as an astronaut, Bullock was put in touch with the crew currently in orbit on the International Space Station, and she called and emailed them frequently. She told the audience at the "Gravity" panel about the real life astronauts: "They were so excited about the vantage point that this film was taking, which was the same that they have, which is a great love for the program because of what they get to see and admire about our planet and the universe around them. It's such an organic love that they have.They have a deep, deep love for our planet and civilization and what we're wasting. Those were the nice conversations to have."

2.Metallica was nearly killed shooting their new movie.
Metallica's Lars Ulrich and Robert Trujillo shared a harrowing story with Yahoo! about narrowly missing being smashed by a falling camera while shooting their new 3D movie 'Metallica Through The Never.' "There would've been no movie but there would've been an incredible YouTube clip," Ulrich said of the incident.

3. Ian McKellen has the hots for co-star Michael Fassbender.
During the panel for "X-Men: Days of Future Past" the British actor said, "I just want to say it's great to be back in California. I feel safe here now that you've gotten rid of Proposition 8. I'm looking for a husband." He then turned and made eyes at famously hunky co-star Fassbender, who answered by blowing McKellen a kiss.

4. Jeff Bridges, on set photographer.
Speaking to fans assembled for the "Seventh Son" panel, Bridges revealed that he has for years been pursing a hobby of taking wide angle lens photographs on his film sets. A book of Bridges' work is due out later this year.

5. Brian Cranston's secret Godzilla connection.
At the end of a panel about the upcoming film in which he stars, moderator Chris Harwick announced " Before we wrap up the panel, we've got something to show you." Before however, the intended clips could unspool, Cranston rose to his feet and started to unzip his pants. Pointing to the contents therein he said, "That's my nickname for it. Godzilla."