5 reasons Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will be awesome Golden Globes hosts

Kimberly Potts, Yahoo! TV
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Are Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as Golden Globes co-hosts the greatest thing that's ever happened in the history of entertainment awards hosting? Well, that is quite a statement of hyperbole, but, with apologies to Poehler, who recently joked on "Conan" that people should "lower your expectations, please," yes. Yes, they are.

Or, they will be, when they take the stage at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 13 to steer Hollywood's first major self-congratulatory fest of the season, the 70th Golden Globes Awards. And here's why:

1) They've proven themselves time and time again to be a great comedy team, with co-hosting "Weekend Update" on "Saturday Night Live," co-starring in "Baby Mama," Fey's Sarah Palin irritating Poehler's Hillary Clinton during the 2008 presidential election spoofs on "SNL," and auctioning themselves off as BFFs for a night (and bringing in $36,000 for autism education) at Comedy Central's "Night of Too Many Stars" in October as entries on their joint comedy resume.

2) They're ridiculously fun as awards show guests, so we can only imagine, and anticipate, how much fun they'll be running the show.

Remember the real-life friends (and competitors) as audience members at last year's Globes telecast, when Fey photobombed Poehler while the "30 Rock" and "Parks and Recreation" stars were waiting to hear if either of them won in the Best Actress in a Television Series -- Comedy or Musical category? And then there was the Poehler-inspired takeover at the 2011 Emmys Awards, when she and her fellow Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series nominees took the stage as they were announced, instead of waiting for a winner to be chosen, prompting a standing ovation from the audience. Classic.

3) There's never been a solo female host of the Globes, and Fey and Poehler are the first-ever female duo to host the show. History will be made, and it's so fitting, and so just delightful, that this pair of funny, funny women will be the ones to do it and symbolically toss a big cream pie in the faces of Adam Carolla, Jerry Lewis and every other (sometimes) funny guy who has ever uttered a disparaging word about women not having comedy skills.

And lest you think their humor will be all female-centric, re-read their cheeky 2008 "Marie Claire" interview (Poehler interviewed Fey), in which they crack wise about everything from porn names and "peeing in corners when you go on a photo shoot to mark your territory" to working with a fecalist and playing pranks on each other like "Cloons and Damon."

4) They're not Ricky Gervais. That's truly not a knock at Gervais, but his stints as Globes host became a little too much about him and the ruffled feathers of the celebs he'd jabbed instead of about putting on a good show and entertaining the in-house Hollywood crowd and at-home audience. Fey and Poehler can make fun of themselves as effortlessly as they can rib their fellow famous types, and we expect they'll do both as hosts. "The beautiful, symmetrical people of film get to hang out with all of us rat-faced TV people," Poehler joked of the Globes during an appearance on the "Late Show With David Letterman" last month.

Their years of working together on "SNL" and as Second City improv partners means there are also few people better qualified than Poehler and Fey to react to the events of a live show, which is particularly useful for a live show during which the audience members have copious amounts of libations brought right to their tables.

5) We like them. We all really like them. As tough as it is to be a female in showbiz, and in comedy in particular, Fey and Poehler have managed to not only thrive, but to be as universally appealing as any celebrity can be in an ever more fragmented entertainment environment.

While Poehler can joke all she wants to about being a "rat-faced" TV star, she and Fey are likable, relatable, funny and attractive women who have each rocked their fair share of red carpet frocks.

And about that charity auction, in which the celeb pals hung out with two winning bidders as BFFs for a night … refreshingly, it turns out that the two are exactly the kind of people those of us who count them as our fantasy BFFs imagine them to be.

One of the winning bidders wrote about her experience with Poehler and Fey, and described them to be down to earth, kind women who truly do have a special comedy chemistry and who can whip up a skit on the spot. Oh, and Tina Fey shared her lip gloss with a stranger.