Golden Globes Live From the Wet Carpet?

Claudine Zap
Yahoo Movies

Forget fashion malfunctions: A section of the red carpet for the Golden Globes turned soggy after a fire sprinkler malfunctioned just hours before Hollywood's glitterati, in their swanky gowns and expensive shoes, were due to arrive.

"I was standing right there when it went off. A light was too close to the sprinkler," an eyewitness told Yahoo.

"We can confirm that there was a malfunction with a sprinkler near the red carpet," read a joint statement from the show’s brain trust: the Beverly Hilton, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, and Dick Clark Productions.

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Workers scrambled at the scene, using high-powered vacuums to suck up the water.

They could probably use some air freshener, too — some witnesses told local station KABC that the soaked carpet smelled like sewage.

Despite the drenching, the parade of celebrities was not impacted.

"The situation was quickly resolved,” the producers’ statement continued. "Despite the incident the red carpet will open at its regularly scheduled time. As some of the biggest names in entertainment are scheduled to attend Golden Globe Awards tonight, we wanted to give the carpet one last wash before it opened."

The pre-shows went on without a hitch — or any residual puddles. If the stars knew about the carpet crisis, they didn’t seem too concerned, preening for the cameras and telling the world who they were wearing. And no one was sporting rain boots.

NBC LA photographer Sean Browning tweeted this photo of the incident: