The 19 Creepiest Things About the ‘Oldboy’ Trailer

Richard Rushfield
Features Editor
Movie Talk

Spike Lee's remake of the 2003 classic South Korean thriller "Oldboy" is one of the most anticipated film events of the year. And the new trailer, released exclusively on Yahoo! gives plenty of evidence to support the excitement.

The original film is one of the weirdest, most unsettling things ever put before cameras. The question has been would Lee be able to recreate the truly creepy vibe of the original. Below are 19 reasons to think, yes he could.

1. Josh Brolin being watched. By someone with very strange headwear.

2. Josh Brolin opens his window to find…A glossified Wyeth landscape.

3. Orange juice, whole milk and Vodka. The breakfast of champions. Slipped under the door.

4. Josh Brolin cries into his pillow streaked with his own blood.

5. Josh Brolin whispers to his pet rat.

6. Josh Brolin does pull-ups in the filthiest tank top in history.

7. Steamer trunk in a field.

8. Josh Brolin emerges from steamer trunk in a field.

9. Woman with yellow umbrella across the field.

10. Creepy blood red counting marks on the yellow umbrella.

11.No faced fedora wearing blocked iPhone caller.

12. Crying hostage woman iPhone video

13. Samuel L. Jackson with a snow white mohawk, lip ring, holding a pencil

14. Man walking across fancy apartment in chinese monk robes accompanied by woman in high heels and transparent lingerie

15. Josh Brolin caves a man's head in with a hammer.

16. Josh Brolin chatting in the rain with the woman with the yellow umbrella with creepy blood red counting marks on it.

17. An angry ninja woman in the fancy apartment with…Abraham Lincoln?

18. The counting marks on Josh Brolin's wrist

19. Samuel L Jackson's neck marked for x acto knife cut.