The 10 Best Viral Movie Hits of the Year

Kevin Polowy
Yahoo Movies

The Internet: It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Of course, it gives a lot, especially when it comes to mashups, memes, parodies and celebrity stunts intended to go that magic word, "viral." There's a lot of clutter (a.k.a. pug videos) to cut through, but it's worth the boredom, sweat and tears to find that one random stroke of pure genius.

Here are our 10 favorite viral movie hits of the year.

10. Guy Reenacts 'Notebook' Kiss With Unsuspecting Strangers

It may rank at No. 10 on our list, but in terms of concept, Jarek Cloyd of Disturb Reality finishes first for devising this inspired (and surprisingly non-creepy) stunt that allowed him the opportunity to make out with a handful of random lovely ladies. It's a pretty good tribute to "The Notebook," too.

9. Disney Movies After 'Happily Ever After'

With movies like "Pitch Perfect" and groups like Pentatonix, a cappella has become all the rage lately. But Jon Cozart don't need no stinkin' bandmates. The one-man-a-cappella-band imagines how Disney stories played out post-credits in hilarious, melodic form. Warning: messages!

8. Reporter Spends Entire Interview Macking on Mila Kunis

While Cloyd and company came out with a clever concept to meet (and "engage") women, British junketeer Chris Stark did him one better, using his limited time with "Oz the Great and Powerful" beauty Mila Kunis to see if she's saying there's a chance. It's not necessarily Stark's ambition that makes this a must-see – it could've just as easily been a disaster – but rather Kunis's endearing gamesmanship to go along with it. As if we didn't like her enough already.

7. The Wonderful Adventures of Sirs Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen may not be spring chickens, but they know what they're doing to the Internet. The iconic thesps/ "X-Men" arch-nemeses are BFFs in real life, and have spent the past few months not only co-starring on Broadway, but wandering around New York City taking the most sublime photos of themselves you could imagine (usually posted on Stewart's Twitter).

6. The 'Mean Girls' Intern

University of South Carolina student Christopher Rosa enjoyed a successful summer interning for MTV's, amassing dozens of bylines and making pals with the staff. But nothing compared to the video he shot for them in which he showcases his uncanny ability to recite the movie "Mean Girls" in its entirely in under 30 minutes. It's a true triumph of the human spirit. (Full disclosure: This writer was Rosa's manager at NextMovie at the time.)

5. Loki Plays With Himself

Stewart and McKellen may know what they're doing to the Internet, but Tom Hiddleston OWNs the internet; we could probably do a Top 10 list of great Hiddle-moments alone (like when he delivered that rousing monologue in character as Loki at Comic-Con, or his dance-off vs. Zachary Levi, or his encounter with Cookier Monster, or… you get the point). But we got him to play with his own action figure, and that rocked.

4. Epic Splits With JCVD, Channing Tatum and Chuck Norris

It was Splitsville in Hollywood this fall. First there was Jean-Claude Van Damme's jaw-dropping split across two semis while shilling for Volvo (a video that's received a cool 65 million views on YouTube). Then there was Channing Tatum's hilarious parody of it from the set of "22 Jump Street." And then of course, there was a CGI'ed Chuck Norris. They're all great, but like usual, the original's the best.

3. Replacing All the Guns in Movies With Thumbs Up

Combine a genius idea with masterful Photoshop skills and you've got viral gold. Whether or not it's intended as a pacifist's rallying call or just good dumb fun, Thumbs and Ammo, a blog that replaces guns in famous movie shots with those heat packers instead giving thumbs up, is just gloriously scrollable.

2. Ohio State's Blockbuster Medley

We're sure whatever game this took place at was great, but clearly the highlight was OSU's famed marching band's halftime medley of Hollywood blockbuster theme songs, including "Jurassic Park," "Lord of the Rings" and "Harry Potter," complete with awe-inspiring formations. Tell us you didn't get chills when that Superman logo took shape. It probably had more emotional impact than all of "Man of Steel" (zing).

1. 'Carrie' Coffee Shop Prank

"Viral marketing" is a way of life for movie studios these days. Some of the output that results is cute or funny; most is forgettable. It's incredibly rare for one of their gimmicks to go wide, but that's just what happened with this clever prank that pitted actors (and rigged furniture) against coffee shop customers in support of ScreenGems' remake of "Carrie." More like this, please.

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