10/28/2011 — ‘In Time’ Star Olivia Wilde Plays Timberlake’s Mom

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Box Office Knock OutOctober 28, 2011

Andrew Niccol's new movie "In Time" -- starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried -- portrays a world where, thanks to genetic engineering, everyone stops aging at 25. Thereafter, they live as long as the LCD clock on their forearms tells them they will live. Want a cup of coffee? That's three minutes off your life. The rich live long, the poor die young. Time, in this flick, literally, is money.

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Of course, having a young cast playing characters as old as 100 does create some weird dynamics. Olivia Wilde, for instance, plays Timberlake's 50-year-old mother but is, in real life, three years younger than JT. This isn't the first movie to mess with Mother Nature. What other movies out there have some unlikely actors playing parent and child? And find out where we predict "In Time" will land on the charts in this week's Box Office Knock Out.

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