1/13/2012 – Does Crime Pay for Mark Wahlberg?

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Mark Wahlberg in 'Contraband'
Mark Wahlberg in 'Contraband'

Mark Wahlberg had a rough upbringing, and as a rebellious teen he had some serious scrapes with the law.  But he was able to turn his life around and become a Hollywood success.  Still, the film roles he chooses tend to have him either committing crimes or chasing down those who do.

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Since Walhberg is returning to the criminal underworld this weekend as a smuggler forced out of retirement in "Contraband," we thought we'd look back at his box office record on both sides of the law.  We wanted to find out if Wahlberg's movies make more money when he's playing a crook or when he's a cop.  To learn the answer, and to see where "Contraband" will sneak into this weekend's rankings, check out the new "Box Office Knock Out."

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