'The Other Woman' Trailer: The Super League of Scorned Women

Meriah Doty
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Oh no he didn't! There is a cheating man on the loose and his ladies are onto him!

The new trailer for the comedy "The Other Woman" turns the idea of adultery on its head when Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton decide against an epic cat fight and, instead, unite to retaliate against the man who duped them.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau ("Game of Thrones") stars as the handsome rogue Mark who has a serious allergy to monogamy. In the film he picks all three women as his simultaneous love interests — and then some.

Watch 'The Other Woman' Trailer:

Here are the vengence powers that these disrespected ladies have in their arsenal:

Kate Upton

Her character: In the film she plays the much younger, bikini-clad babe (a big stretch for a Sports Illustrated model!). She runs across the beach Bo Derek-style, and we discover that even her sweat is attractive.

Her superpower: She doesn't come off as being terribly bright. "We should kick him in the ba--s," Upton's airheaded character suggests as Diaz looks on in disapproval. We have a feeling her obtuse qualities makes her the least suspecting boyfriend avenger of all.

Cameron Diaz

Her character: She has brains and beauty as a career woman who has sewed her wild oats. She finally seems ready to settle down.

Her superpower: As Nicki Minaj (who makes her acting debut in the film) points out to Diaz, "You haven't dated just one guy in a long time. You cleared the whole roster!" And THAT'S why she's the threesome's savvy strategist: She's done the most research.

Leslie Mann

Her character: She's a lovely, devoted wife — before she finds out her hubby Mark is cheating on her. And, yeah, she can't really hold her liquor.

Her superpower: As Mark's wife, she has the most access to him. She uses it to her advantage when she feeds him gobs of estrogen. "I think you're going through man-opause," she tells him after he starts developing breasts.

If that's not enough, Mark romances at least one more mistress, played by Madison McKinley (who also appears in the buzzy Martin Scorsese flick "The Wolf of Wall Street").

"The Other Woman" hits theaters next year on April 25.

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