#EffieBarbie (And Elizabeth Banks) Live It Up on the 'Catching Fire' Press Tour

Lilian Min
Yahoo Movies

Sure, JLaw is turning heads during the "Catching Fire" world tour in offbeat but gorgeous gowns, but she's being upstaged by one of her more fabulous costars — which makes sense, because this lady's been glamming it up for over 50 years.

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Barbie, or rather, the Barbie embodiment of everybody's favorite borderline sociopathic handler Effie ("Chins up, smiles on!") Trinket, is living it up during the film's global tour. Elizabeth Banks brought the mini-me (whom she's nicknamed #EffieBarbie) with her from stop to stop, and judging by the photos on Banks's Pinterest, #EffieBarbie is having a ball.

Champagne, a trip to the Thames, hair and make up: #EffieBarbie is officially having more fun than you. Are we jealous? No... Maybe...