A Kitty-Littered Parody of Richard Linklater's 'Boyhood'

Yahoo Movies

If you’re one of those people who saw Richard Linklater’s small-scale epic Boyhood and thought that what it really needed was more kittens, then you’re in luck. Professional pet videographers the Pet Collective released their own version of the drama on YouTube, a faithful, cat-centric rendition of the movie’s soulful trailer (see below) right down to the scribbly title card font and a haunting meow-meow-inflected version of the Family of the Year song “Hero.”

Directed by one Richard Linklitter and starring Patricia Ourcat, Eatin Hawk, and Collar Catrane, Cathood is both a loving homage and a gentle parody — if there’s any living creature that doesn’t have much angst about time slipping away or finding life’s deeper meaning, it’s a cat. Also, instead of the movie’s almost unanimous critical raves, we get such feline-like enthusiasm as: “It’s a lot like that other video my mom posted on Facebook” —Someone’s Nephew.

"It’s a little outside our normal parody space," Matt Johnson creative director of the Pet Collective writes to Yahoo Movies in an email. (More recently they’ve done a cat version of Frozen and Dawn of the Planet of the Pugs.) "We get to spoof so much of the marketing of Boyhood, but also celebrate the nature of the story.”

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