BOX OFFICE: ‘Ride Along’ & ‘Lone Survivor’ One-Two Punch For Universal; ‘Nut Job’ No. 3; ‘I, Frankenstein’ Not Alive


Opening: I, Frankenstein (LGF) on 2,753 screens, 95% are large format (IMAX, 3D), no monster, opens to No. 6; NOTEWORTHY: Ride Along (Uni) 21.1M; The Nut Job (Open Road) still cracking at No. 3 with $12.1M.

3RD UPDATE, MONDAY 1:23 PM: Final numbers are in with Universal’s Ride Along pulling in $21.2M and Lone Survivor (Emmett/Furla) taking in $12.9M. The studio now has a $75.5M grosser for its Ice Cube-Kevin Hart comedy and $93.9M for its war hero pic. Pretty good for a January, guys. Disney’s Frozen slid up a notch to edge out Paramount’s Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit with a final box office gross of $9.1M vs. $9M by (only $34K). And Open Road’s The Nut Job made more than the industry expected with a tidy $12.1M. I, Frankenstein didn’t open chasing in only $8.6M total, however, it opened very strong in one territory overseas — Russia — so its current worldwide take is $14.9M.  Next weekend is the Super Bowl, when moviegoing shifts from the big screen to the small screen. Warner Bros. is re-releasing Gravity in IMAX 3D which is breathtaking when you watch it on the format, while Disney is releasing a sing-along version of Frozen in some markets (which parents will likely be dragged to mid-Happy Meal). Openers next weekend are Focus Features’ That Awkward Moment (Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan); Teller starred in Whiplash which won both the Grand Jury and Audience honors at the Sundance Film Festival on Saturday night and was just picked up for distribution by Sony Pictures Classics. Also bowing is Paramount Pictures’ Labor Day (starring Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin) from Indian Paintbrush. Full chart follows:

1). Ride Along, (UNI) 2,759 theaters (+96) / 3-day Cume: $21.2M (-49%) / Per screen: $7,720 / Total Gross: $75.5M / Wk 2

2). Lone Survivor, (UNI) 3,162 theaters (+173) / 3-day Cume $12.9M (-42%) / Per screen: $4,120 / Total Gross: $93.9M /Wk 5

3) The Nut Job, (OPRD) 3,427 theaters (+45) / 3-day Cume: $12.1M (-38%) / Per screen: $3,485/ Total Gross: $40M / Wk 2

4). Frozen, (DIS) 2,757 theaters (-222) / 3-day Cume: $9.1M (-23%) / Per screen: $3,308 / Total Gross: $347.8M / Wk 10

5). Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, (PAR) 3,387 theaters (0) / 3-day Cume: $9M (-41%) / Per screen: $2,682 / Total Gross: $30M / Wk 2

6). I, Frankenstein, (LGF) 2,753 theaters / 3-day Cume: $8.6M / Per screen: $3,128 / Total Gross: $8.6M / Wk 1

7). American Hustle, (SONY) 2,304 theaters (+100) / 3-day Cume: $7M (-28%) / Per screen: $3,065 / Total Gross: $127M / Wk 7

8). The Wolf Of Wall Street, (PAR) 1,804 theaters (-126) / 3-day Cume: $5.4M (-23%) / Per screen: $3,037 / Total Gross: $98.5M / Wk 5

9). August: Osage County, (TWC) 2,411 theaters (+360) / 3-day Cume: $5M (-32%) / Per screen: $2,086 / Total Gross: $26.5M / Wk 5

10). Devil’s Due, (FOX) 2,544 theaters (0) / 3-day Cume: $2.7M (-66%) / Per screen: $1,095 / Total Gross: $12.9M / Wk 2

11). Her, (WB) 1,325 theaters (-404) / 3-day Cume: $2.2M (-43%) / Per screen: $1,728 / Total Gross: $19.1M / Wk 6

12). The Hobbit: Desolation Of Smaug, (WB) 1,285 theaters (-530) / 3-day Cume: $2.1M (-42%) / Per screen: $1,671 / Total Gross: $252.3M

13). Saving Mr. Banks, (DIS) 1,660 theaters (-789) / 3-day Cume: $2M (-47%) / Per screen: $1,254 / Total Gross: $79.1M / Wk 7

14). 12 Years A Slave (FSL) 1,231 theaters (+47o) /3-day Cume: $2M (+32%) / Per screen: $1,650 / Total Gross: $43.5M / Wk 15

15). Dallas Buyers Club, (Focus) 1,110 theaters (+691) / 3-day Cume: $2M (+116%) / Per screen: $1,828 / Total Gross: $20.3M / Wk 13

16). Gravity, (WB) 1,260 theaters (+316) / 3-day Cume: $2M (+8%) / Per screen: $1,608 / Total Gross: $261.2M / Wk 17

17). Nebraska, (Par/Vantage) 968 theaters (+560) / 3-day Cume: $1.5M +76%) / Per screen: $1,604 / Total Gross: $11.7M / Wk 11

18). The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, (LGF) 1,051 theaters (+-277) / 3-day Cume: $1.5M (-37%) / Per screen: $1,465 / Total Gross: $420M /Wk 10

19). The Legend Of Hercules, (LGF) 1,371 (-733) / 3-day Cume: $1.2M (-64%) / Per screen: $899 / Total Gross: $17M / Wk 3

20). Philomena (TWC) 505 theaters (0) / 3-day Cume: $1M (-15%) / Per screen: $2,131 / Total Gross: $25.8M / Wk 10

Noteworthy is the other Oscar Best Picture contender: 26). Captain Phillips, (SONY) 302 theaters (-601) / 3-day Cume: $312K (-40%) / Per screen: $1,034 / Total Gross: $106.2M / Wk 16

2ND UPDATE, SUNDAY, 7:40 A.M.: This morning, I, Frankenstein from Lionsgate dropped yet another notch in the line-up to sixth place to scare in around $8.3M, playing below everyone’s expectations. About 60% of its take was from the 3-D format. While Universal still commands the No. 1 and 2 spot again. Ride Along ($21.1M)pushed its cume to over $75M in its second weekend and Lone Survivor (co-produced by Emmett/Furla) added $12.6M. Universal noted that the one-two position is the first time since Feb. 1994 when WB had On Deadly Ground and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective had the one-two spot that a studio has achieved that (Universal spends a lot of time analyzing this kind of data). Open Road’s The Nut Job, which was a Canadian/South Korean co-production and is considered the most expensive animated film ever co-produced by South Korea (budget numbers vary from $42.8M to $38M to $30M … in other words, who the heck knows?). The film features the worldwide hit song Gangnam Style from its country’s pop star Psy, which has U.S. kids literally dancing in the aisles while the credits roll. It continues to gather a tidy sum with $12M, pushing its cume into the $40M range in its second weekend. (Open Road Films has it higher than the general wisdom as its number is $12.3M). Some pics swapped places, but the weekend is pretty much as expected with only one new picture having bowed. Another Arctic blast is coming in Sunday to cover most of the country so it will be interesting to see if the nation’s box office will be equally frozen tonight. Real numbers will be in tomorrow.

UPDATE, SATURDAY, 7:07 A.M.: This morning looks very similar to last night’s numbers with opener I, Frankenstein (LGF) now settling more into the No. 5 spot (instead of No. 4 and may slide down a notch again) at $7.75M, being iced out by Disney’s Frozen, $9.1M in its 10th week. Love trumps evil. Universal’s Ride Along still looks like it will have a $20.5M weekend and looks to drop 51% weekend to weekend, meaning that the crossover is just not happenin’ but a $74.8M cume is nothing to sneeze at. Lone Survivor (Uni/Emmett Furla), $12.2M is still hauling it in and is expected to end the weekend with a $93.3M cume. Open Road Films’ The Nut Job, revised upwards to $11.2M to tuck away a total cume of $39.2M in week two.  Paramount’s Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, $7.7M revised down this morning in its 2nd weekend to tally maybe $29M cume. Again, for Ryan it could have picked a better date to go out, say President’s Day and also Chris Pine has been seen as too soft a lead. Sony/Annapurna’s American Hustle with an expected $6.9M weekend puts it on its way to an estimated cume of $121.9M and will be passing David O. Russell’s last year’s Oscar contender Silver Linings Playbook ($132M) next weekend. While The Wolf of Wall Street, $5.1M will be edging closer to the $100M mark for a total of maybe $98.2M after the three day so will pass that mark after the week ends. Here is how it’s looking this morning:

PREVIOUSLY, FRIDAY 10:55 PM: This is the weekend we see how much staying power Universal’s Ride Along has. The key to its longer-term play is whether it can drive in the crossover audience. The conventional wisdom is anything over a 50% drop from weekend to weekend and that’s a no go. However, it is the only adult comedy in the marketplace right now and it looks smooth sailing for this weekend and next. I, Frankenstein, even with a B CinemaScore, is no monster for Lionsgate nor is it scaring anyone else off; looks like it could bow at No. 4 with $9M for the 3-day. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, in its second weekend, is in survival mode for Paramount at No. 6 and Fox’s Devil’s Due is gone baby gone. Lone Survivor and The Nut Job are expected to take the 2nd and 3rd spot, respectively. Because this is ticker tape reporting, positions can and do change, even overnight. I will update early in the AM. Grosses are based on early Friday night estimates.

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