Box Office Analysis: 'Iron Man 3' Heading for $1B (Video)

Todd Cunningham
May 6, 2013

They're probably feeling like a billion dollars at Disney, because that's where their Marvel superhero sequel "Iron Man 3' is heading at the worldwide box office.

The movie made $175 million in U.S. theaters opening weekend, the second-biggest domestic opening behind last year's "The Avengers." The movie has also brought in $500 million from international theaters in two weeks. 

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It's unlikely "Iron Man 3" will hit the $1.5 billion global gross that "The Avengers" did last year. The Robert Downey Jr. three-quel is on its way to a $400 million in the U.S., and could double that figure abroad.

Last week's No. 1 film, "Pain & Gain," took a tumble and wound up about $165 million behind "Iron Man 3" at $7.2 million. But with the Marvel blockbuster accounting for 80 percent of the overall admissions, just about every other movie took a major tumble.

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