Bill Murray Gets Fatherly in the First 'St. Vincent' Trailer

Matt McDaniel
Managing Editor
Yahoo Movies

As we all know, Bill Murray can appear anywhere, at any moment, with no warning at all. He might pop up at a karaoke bar, at a bachelor party, or even in someone’s engagement photos. And some times, he even shows up in movie trailers. 

Murray makes such an appearance in the first look at St. Vincent, a new comedy also starring Melissa McCarthy, Chris O’Dowd and Naomi Watts. In it, Murray plays Vincent, a drunken, gambling retiree who gets recruited by his new single-mom neighbor (McCarthy) to watch over her undersized 12-year-old son Oliver (newcomer Jaeden Lieberher). Vincent’s ideas of after-school activities involve racetracks and strip clubs, but eventually the mismatched pair begins to help each other grow up.

Bill Murray in St. Vincent
Bill Murray in St. Vincent

The role of Vincent looks to be a throwback to the sort of bad-boy roles that made Murray a comedy icon in the 1980s — and a departure from some of the more understated roles he’s done lately in films for directors like Wes Anderson and Jim Jarmusch. But the movie also has a hint of the unlikely mentoring relationship from Murray’s acclaimed turn in 1998’s Rushmore.

St. Vincent is the feature debut for writer/director Theodore Melfi, and opens nationwide on Oct. 24.

Photo Credit: The Weinstein Company