Stephen Hawking Toy Offensive to Some on ‘Big Bang Theory,’ But Not Hawking

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On the Big Bang Theory, Howard found an old radio-control Stephen Hawking he made, and Bernadette didn’t approve. She scolded Howard and told him the toy was made in poor taste. But Howard insisted it was all in good fun. The RC Hawking was even programmed to speak and asked, “Hey good lookin’, want to go for a spin?”

Later, Howard tried to convince Raj and Bernadette that the toy wasn’t offensive and even offered to call Hawking himself. “While you’re bothering the world’s most famous scientist,” Bernadette snapped, “be sure to show him how funny he looks getting stuck under our dishwasher.”

Meanwhile, Sheldon was jealous that Bert was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship. But, his sour mood changed when the real Stephen Hawking called. “Don’t worry, I know how you feel. I have never won a Nobel Prize,” Hawking said. “It’s fine. I’ve been on The Simpsons.

Unfortunately for Howard, he wasn’t around to hear the last thing Hawking had to say: “I always thought a motorized toy of me would be cool.”

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