Beyonce Launches 'BeyHive' Lifestyle Blog a Day After Inaugural Lip-Sync Scandal

Elizabeth Snead
The Hollywood Reporter
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On Tuesday, Beyonce caught internet flack for lip-syncing the National Anthem live at President Barack Obama’s inaugural ceremony on Jan. 21. The singer still has not responded to the flurry of criticism, but on Jan. 23, she launched her new lifestyle-pop culture blog and newsletter called 'BeyHive.'

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The blog features mood boards, artwork from fans, as well as of-the-moment entertainment picks, all personally chosen by Beyonce.

Beyonce wrote: "Introducing The BeyHive Blog. The Beyhive Blog is my way of showing all the inspiring things I come across every single day. This is through my eyes. I'm also featuring beautiful creations from my talented fans. So many of you are making videos, painting -- I want to show the world what you do and how much I appreciate you. This is just the beginning, there is so much out there to dig into. Stay tuned -- Beyoncé."

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It certainly sounds like she's doing what Gwyneth Paltrow was doing with her healthy-living GOOP website and newsletter before evolving it into a digital publication. Other celebrities have their sites as well but while Lady Gaga's site is about fan outreach and Kim Kardashian uses her website to promote her own businesses and products, Beyonce seems to be aiming for her site to have a broader lifestyle and cultural reach. 

This week she's posted links to the trailers for Beasts of the Southern Wild and Argo on Beyhive and is also promoting a band called The Pieces and handmade woven flat shoes called Jaiper Tie ($235). Her stylist Ty Hunter has a regular feature on street-style photography. 

Beyonce initially amped up her personal communication with her fans on social media by joining Tumblr in April 2012. She also sent out her first tweet on the same day:  “Hey World, It's B! I'm so excited to invite you to my new - we've been working hard, and it's finally ready for you XO. (sic)"

On Nov. 9, 2012 she joined Instagram under the name ‘Baddiebey’ on Obama’s re-election night and posted photos showing her support for  his second term. She also has a blog called Iam,Beyonce which at the moment contains photos of her and Jay-Z at the Inauguration.

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Once fans join ‘BeyHive,’ they get lots of access to the singer's opinions on fashion, beauty, accessories, books, movies, music videos, exclusive photos, concert information and presale concert tickets.

And of course, you'll probably get access to behind-the-scenes excerpts from her upcoming HBO documentary, Life is But a Dream,.

The doc that she produced about her life and career will air on Feb. 16, the day after she performs during the Super Bowl half time show.