Beyonce Debuts Another Track Via Advertisement (Video)

Tony Maglio
The Wrap

Beyonce and H&M apparently think album anticipation and a desire to buy reasonably priced chinos go hand in hand.

The 31-year-old singer revealed the video for her new song, "Standing on the Sun" on Thursday via a commercial for retailer H&M. The video was directed by Jonas Akerlund and song co-written by Greg Kurstin and Sia.

Bikini-clad Beyonce rolls around on a beach in an effort that is a far more truncated music video than it is 90-second H&M ad. Not that the singer's fans are complaining. Plus, it sure beats Beyonce's last big commercial reveal, which turned out to just be an ad for Pepsi with a little snippet of her song "Grown Woman" behind it.

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"Standing on the Sun" is a catchy, drum machine-heavy track quite compatible to the accompanying visuals. In the shortened music video, Beyonce goes through more looks and wardrobe changes in a minute and a half than most people do in a week.

Watch the video here:

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