Ben Affleck's Superhero-Like Character in 'The Accountant'

Kyle Moss

When Ben Affleck once again graces the silver screen this weekend, he’ll be playing a lead character with a secret identity who has highly advanced battle skills and brain function, driven by a moral code to help the good guys and put away the bad guys.

And while that sounds like maybe the much-anticipated Justice League movie or Affleck’s standalone Batman movie has snuck up on us, that is unfortunately not the case. It’s actually his character in The Accountant who also embodies these superhero-like qualities.

“That’s what was really compelling about it,” Affleck told Yahoo Movies about the role. “It was three-dimensional, it wasn’t judgmental, it was just an interesting conundrum with the father that produced this reality.”

In the film, Affleck plays a man who falls on the autism spectrum and who is very good with numbers. He was raised by a military father who turned to intense physical training to help his son channel his aggression and defend himself against bullies. The result of those things is a mysterious and ruthless Jason Bourne-esque character. He cooks the books for high-end criminals as an accountant of sorts, while also helping his own government bring them down.

“He’s a very human, very vulnerable, very different kind of guy,” said J.K. Simmons, Affleck’s co-star in the film. “But yeah, he certainly has a varied and powerful skill set.”

The Accountant is in theaters now.

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