Barbara Walters to Appear on Howard Kurtz's Fox News Show

Michael O'Connell
The Hollywood Reporter

As Barbara Walters prepares for retirement in 2014, the ABC News personality is opening up about her time in broadcast journalism and the state of her daytime flagship, The View.

Walters taped a sitdown with Fox News Channel's Howard Kurtz earlier this week, which will air on his new series MediaBuzz this Sunday, Nov. 3.

“You know what, I have always been a big booster of other women," Walters tells Kurtz of what she hopes will be her legacy. "I’ve always worked with other women and if I have any legacy, that’s it. And I’m very proud of that.”

The View, Walters' home of the last 17 years, has been subject to much public discourse in the last few months. Longtime panelists Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck both departed, the latter for FNC's Fox & Friends, and replacement Jenny McCarthy has prompted criticism and diminished ratings.

“I think the criticism about her was unfair and it was criticism that had to do with very personal views," says Walters, referring to McCarthy's controversial autism activism. "“I think it was at the root of some of the criticism, it’s not a subject that we have discussed on The View.”

Walters, who departs The View herself in the coming year, will also talk about her former show, 20/20, and her plans for retirement. 

MediaBuzz airs at 11 a.m.