Tom Hardy Makes Surprise Wedding Cameo as Bane

Yahoo MoviesAugust 22, 2014

Underneath that shiny chrome dome and voice-muffling mouthpiece, we always suspected that Bane was a softy at heart. The man who broke Batman’s back apparently had his own mean streak broken when he spotted a bridal party passing through the Pittsburgh set of 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises.

This picture, which went up on Reddit yesterday, shows Tom Hardy done up in his Bane regalia waving at a quartet of pretty-in-pink bridesmaids.  Maybe he just wanted them to check out his sweet ride — he’s standing on top of the vanquished Dark Knight’s armored Tumbler.

A supposed eyewitness to Hardy’s photobomb confirmed its authenticity to Reddit, and added that the bride and groom had to put up with the fact that their wedding was going to be scored to the sounds of gunfire and explosions in addition to “Here Comes the Bride.” “There was no way the bride and groom could have known they were going to be filming a movie when they booked the chapel, so it basically caused a lot of inconvenience for them,” the witness wrote. The producers made sure to give them a one-of-a-kind wedding present, though, by letting them clamber on top of the Tumbler for a photo op, although Hardy wasn’t there to greet them with a Bane-sized bear hug. Then again, they probably didn’t want to spend their honeymoon at the hospital…or a prison pit in the middle of the desert.