Average Movie Ticket Prices Rise for Second Quarter

Yahoo Movies

By Brent Lang

Going to the movies got more expensive over the last three months, according to statistics released by the National Association of Theatre Owners.

Ticket prices jumped 4.6 percent to $8.33 as summer blockbusters, many of them in 3D, crowded into multiplexes.

It’s a heftier figure than the $7.96 it cost to catch a flick during the first quarter of 2014, but it is not a record. That belongs to the second quarter of 2013, when ticket prices hit $8.38.

For the first half of the year, ticket prices averaged $8.13. The costs should fall in the next quarter as the summer movies wrap up and fewer films get released in 3D, Imax and other premium formats that carry surcharges on tickets.

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