Audi R4 Concept Coupe is So Pretty It Hurts

Jeff Perez

If you look at most of Audi’s current lineup, you’ll realize that its design team dreams up some really gorgeous, but perhaps understated luxury coupes. The RS 5, TT and Quattro Concept are all among our favorites. And while most of these coupes may seem mundane in the face of the new Lexus RC F or BMW M4, the good news is– there’s always room for improvement.

This is the car Audi should design– like, yesterday. It’s the Audi R4 Concept by Californian designer Rene Garcia. And it is a stunning example of subtle Audi design gone wild (in the best way possible).

Audi R4 Concept
Audi R4 Concept

Immediately we’re drawn to that more aggressive face. The sharp new angles are grafted on top of a clean coupe profile. The combination makes it a sportscar worth drooling over. The side profile is very sleek, and met with a new, equally aggressive rear diffuser, a massive rear wing, and taillights that play surprisingly well with the rest of the body.

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Audi R4 Concept 3
Audi R4 Concept 3

In racing guise, it is arguably even more stunning. It comes with a new, larger splitter that sits centimeters off the ground, and a few DTM-racing-inspired aerodynamic fins between the front wheels and headlights. The whole package is shod in Audi Quatto, Oracle, Mobile, Gran Turismo and Michelin racing advertisements. It’s one designer’s very cool vision for the future of Audi racing.

We wish it was real — and if you ask us, this is what a production Quattro Coupe should look like. Just sayin’.

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