Another Set of DIY Wolverine Claws Hits the Web

Last week British YouTuber (and plumber by day) ColinFurze, above, shared his set of gnarly, air-powered, razor-sharp Wolverine claws with millions. You thought that was the end of the claws race? 

Enter German gizmo man Patrick Priebe with some safer, electric-powered, do-it-yourself Wolvie claws, just in time for X-Men: Days of Future Past on May 23. Like ColinFurze, he has posted a blade-popping tutorial on YouTube, sharing it first with Yahoo Movies. (See the gadget at work starting at 4:40, below.)

“These are not really sharp. They’re just for show,” Priebe assures Yahoo, suggesting them as the perfect accessory for Wolverine cosplayers. (This isn’t his first foray into comic-book gadget territory by the way: You might recall his Spider-Man web shooter.

Priebe notes that his claws are “smaller, weaker, but simpler” than ColinFurze’s gargantuan, super-sharp ones and “can’t really even cut a piece of half molten butter.” But he didn’t let the Brit off without a little smack talk: “Using compressed air or hydraulics is almost too simple and too bulky.”

Weak blades aside, he does warn that there is still some risk involved. “Three-hundred and fifty volts can kill you instantly or stun your hand for a little while,” Priebe says in his latest video while pointing out the power-charged wires behind his blade setup.

After all of these technological feats, it seems the only breakthrough left on the horizon is to invent the fictitious metal alloy, adamantium, that makes up Wolverine’s real blades. Your move, gentlemen!

Photos: ColinFurze (inset), Patrick Priebe