AMC, Disney Setttle Spat; 'Iron Man 3' Tickets to Go on Sale Online

Todd Cunningham
The Wrap

Online tickets for screenings of "Iron Man 3" at AMC Theaters will begin Thursday, after the theater chain and Disney settled a dispute over the split on box office revenues.

The top three U.S. theater cinema chains -- AMC, Regal and Cinemark -- had suspended sales while Disney sought to negotiate a more favorable agreement. There was no word of any deals with Regal and Cinemark., and not details of the pact were announced.

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A 50-50 split is typical on most films but studios almost always get a higher percentage on blockbusters. Disney hasn't renegotiated terms with the theaters chains in years, and with the rollout of the summer's first blockbuster looming, decided the timing was right.

Thelack of presales wasn't expected to cut into the Marvel superhero saga's box office unless it extended into Thursday or Friday of next week.

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