'Amazing Spider-Man 2': Footage of Jamie Foxx's Electro Unveiled (Video)

Aaron Couch
July 17, 2013
'Amazing Spider-Man 2': Footage of Jamie Foxx's Electro Unveiled (Video)

It’s lighting fast, but a new look at Jamie Foxx’s electrifying The Amazing Spider-Man 2 villain has been released in a teaser for the film's San Diego Comic-Con panel.

“I can feel it in the walls. I feel it in my veins,” Foxx says in a voiceover – undoubtedly talking about his new powers. “No matter what you do doc, you can’t contain it. You want to know how powerful I am? Well I want to know too. I’m Electro.”

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Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 panel is happening Friday, with Foxx appearing alongside the film's star, Andrew Garfield, director Marc Webb and co-star Dane DeHann. In the sequel to last year's The Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker (Garfield) is balancing school and crime-fighting with spending time with his lady friend, Gwen (Emma Stone). Things get even more complicated when new villain Electro (Foxx) emerges, and his old friend, Harry Osborn (DeHaan), comes back into his life.

In the comics, Electro's alter ego, Max Dillon, was given the power to control electricity after being struck by lightning while repairing a power line. He first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man No. 9 in 1964.

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