Adrian Garcia Bogliano Preps TV Series ‘Highway 433,’ ’20 Minutes Into The Future’ (EXCLUSIVE)

John Hopewell

LOS CABOS, Mexico — Adrian Garcia Bogliano, one of the driving forces of Latin American genre, is moving two TV horror series, U.S.-Mexico border set “Ruta 433” (“Highway 433”) and “20 Minutes Into The Future,” a low-fi sci-fi/horror series which Garcia Bogliano describes as a horror version of “Groundhog Day.”

Presented at Los Cabos, “Highway 433” and “20 Minutes Into The Future” represent the first major push into TV fiction horror by cineastes, Garcia Bogliano in particular, who proved pioneers in the renaissance of modern genre movie production in Latin America some 10-15 years back.

It’s a good time for genre movie directors to make the move into TV, said Garcia Bogliano. “TV series are being asked to be made with a standard close to that of films. The line between cinema and TV is more blurred.”

“There have been series – ‘La hora marcada,’ ’13 Miedos – but horror has yet to explode on TV,” Bogliano added.

“Highway 433” and “20 Minutes Into The Future” could achieve that, not only drawing on the talent of other top Mexican film directors in the case of “Highway” but also on the traditions of Mexican horror which has become one of its cinema’s recent hallmarks, driven by standout auteurs and multiple omnibus projects enrolling the energies of hordes of new directors.

Produced by Ale Garcia at Mexico City-based La Palma de Oro Films and show-run by Carla Sierra, “Highway 433” is a 13-episode series set on a frontier highway which is a purgatory where people pay for their sins. Each segment turns on a specific case though some characters repeat from one episode to the next, said Bogliano.

Crucially, in a world where sensibility to genre and sub-genre is highly prized by aficionados, every episode is to be made in a sub-genre, such as a ghost story, or a slasher, Bogliano said. All directors will be genre specialists, said Garcia, adding that the key with the new TV was to find the key-concept of every project so that it stands out from others.

Currently, Adrian Garcia Bogliano and Gustavo Moheno (“Hasta el viento tiene miedo”) are attached to direct episodes. A pilot screenplay is completed, said Sierra. She is now working on the treatment of other episodes. Presented at Los Cabos TV Development section, “Highway 433” could also be exported as a format, Garcia Bogiano argued.

“20 Minutes Into The Future” turns on a girl in Canada who is kidnapped when she goes out to jog. 20 minutes later, she wakes up in a wood, in a place she doesn’t know, which is in South Mexico. She gets to a village to realise that what seemed 20 minute is in fact three years and that, every day for the last three years, she has appeared in the village to tell the same story, and nobody now takes her seriously, though every time, somebody kills her.

Written by Adrian and brother Ramiro Garcia Bogliano, “20 Minutes Into The Future” is set up at Salto de Fe Films, the Mexico City-based production company Adrian Garcia Bogliano heads with producer Andrea Quiroz Hernandez. “20 Minutes Into The Future” was presented at a Mexico-Canada co-pro meet organised at Los Cabos by Mexico’s IMCINE Film Institute and the Canada Media Fund. It is conceived as an eight-episode series, in the line of “Stranger Things.”

“People these days talk about series, which have a big social impact. As creators, we have to listen to this,” Garcia Bogliano concluded.

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