Adorable Puppy Bowl pooches predict Super Bowl winner [Video]

Yahoo! TV

There's really nothing cute about watching athletes pummel one another on the field in hopes of scoring a touchdown. It's impressive and exciting, but it probably won't give you the warm fuzzies. So why not just head over to Animal Planet before, after, or during the Super Bowl to witness the cutest sports-related event ever: The Puppy Bowl! Even before game day kicks off, these puppies want to get in on the action. Can these furry canines with waggly tails predict this year's winner?

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In this clip, four pups, who will likely be playing (literally) in the fun-loving game on Sunday, are feeling confident about who will take home the Super Bowl XLVII title. How do they choose? With their gut instincts, of course -- aka their appetite! There's a purple-and-black puppy cake to represent the Baltimore Ravens, and an orange-and-gold cake to represent the San Francisco 49ers. Both cakes are all-natural and safe for dogs, so perhaps using red dye was not an option for the 49ers treat -- in case you're wondering about the orange.

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And the winner is, by unanimous decision, the San Francisco 49ers!

To find out if these puppies know their stuff, tune in to Super Bowl XLVII, which airs Sunday at 6:30 PM on CBS. Puppy Bowl IX airs on Sunday at 3 PM on Animal Planet. The event is replayed throughout the afternoon and evening.