Adam Sandler Reveals Embarrassing Story About Norm Macdonald from 'Billy Madison'

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On Thursday's Conan, Adam Sandler revealed an embarrassing story about Norm Macdonald from the set of Billy Madison.

Billy Madison was their first film together and Sandler had to feel out Macdonald's acting technique. He said, "I'm doing a scene with Norm at the pool. I say my line and I think I did it very well. And I'm like let me see how Norm ping-pongs this line back. So there was a little bit of a delay and I was like old Norm likes to a take his time."

Apparently, the response wasn't coming. He explained, "Then I'm waiting longer and going, 'Wow, he's really milking this one.' And a few more seconds later I noticed old Norm was sleeping."

Macdonald gave a good excuse, "They wanted to me to play a drunk so I said, 'You got some booze?'"